Get Naturally Beautiful with Kiss My Face

Now that you are getting savvy about what you're putting on your skin, you want a name you can trust.

Kiss My Face offers products that are brimming with natural and organic ingredients. With their skincare and cosmetic lines, you can be sure there are no artificial colors, animal ingredients or unnecessary chemicals, all at a price that you can afford.

The Brightening Day Creme gives you glimmer and glow naturally, thanks to organic ingredients. Botanical brighteners give you an ethereal look while organic aloe goes to work on evening out your skin tone. And it comes packed with natural sun blockers - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - so you don't have to worry about further skin damage. Phew!

Intensive Repair Night Creme goes to work on your complexion overnight, so you wake up to supple and moisturized skin. And it's all with ingredients like hibiscus (an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), basil, fennel, rice extract and organic sunflower - things you know are good for your body, things that you can pronounce. So now you've got great skin AND peace of mind.

Pretty great, right?

And to give you that little extra oomph on hot summer nights, get Sheer Organic Shimmer and Shine lip care.

These soft, smooth lip products have all natural and organic ingredients, but give you the hot look you're looking for, all at an unbelievably affordable price.

The shimmer gives a soft look that is ultra feminine. Your lips will feel soft too as organic shea butter, vitamin E and organic sunflower oil moisturize and nourish. And the shine is fantastic, as it not gives you a great slick look, but intense colour as well. And there's a hint of scent added - french vanilla flavour, chocolate flavour and peppermint oils - which makes it a little more fun than your average gloss.

Kiss My Face - something you, your skin and your pocketbook will appreciate.

Stephanie Dickison

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