Watergeeks Makes Impressive - and Innovative - Water Bottles

Now that buying bottles of water is verboten, you have to find a bottle that works for you and your lifestyle.

I have to say that those popular European ones that everyone is carrying are not for me. For one, they are really expensive. Two, they are awfully big, bulky and heavy even before you fill them, and three, though the myriad of designs of fun and cute, they rub off quickly, making your bottle look trashy and not at all classy.

That's why I was thrilled to learn about The Watergeeks Laboratories. Not only are their bottles good looking, but they come in a range of sizes with a host of options, so that you get the bottle that's right for you and not just some trendy one that will start to wear down soon after purchase.

I got one of their BPA Free Filtration Water Bottles, which removes chlorine and other contaminates from your water, so no matter where you fill up, you are guaranteed to be drinking safe, clean, healthy water.

The Filtered Sport Bottle is not only light to carry, but it actually fits in bike racks and car cup holders! It comes in 2 sizes, so you can get the one that is right for you and comes with 1 filter. The filter "removes 90% of chlorine, bad taste and odor, as well as a significant proportion of heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and copper." You can see your water being filtered as you drink it, which frankly, gives me great peace of mind as well as refreshment!

And the Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles are superior to the ones you're used to because it is double-walled, making it possible to carry either hot or cold drinks with you, which is great, don't you think? That means you can switch it up between your morning coffee and your afternoon water.

It is light and curvy, making it easy to hold onto (thank you!) and it is non-leaching and BPA-free, made with unlined 18/0, food grade stainless steel, unlike those other stainless steel bottles, so you can feel good and safe using this one. It comes in 4 colours, but that's not all - it comes with a removable tea strainer! How awesome is that?! I think that is so fantastic and so very innovative. I will be using that feature for sure!

Proceeds from the purchase of these items will go to The Tap Project, a campaign that supports UNICEF's global efforts to bring clean and accessible drinking water to millions of children around the world. So now you can have clean water and offer it to others across the globe.

Watergeeks rocks my world. I think it will rock yours too!

Stephanie Dickison

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