Pretty Up Your Computer with Accessories From tropicalhowie & Pat Says Now!

I imagine that you are on your computer about as much as I am every day.

Whether you are writing, emailing or designing, computers have become an integral part of who we are and how we spend our time.

For me, customizing my laptop and workspace is not only about expressing my style, but being able to enjoy my surroundings. I think that whether you work at home as I do, or at an office, you want to have pretty things around you and not just the boring, rote, standard issue that is required.



To carry and protect my lovely laptop, I am rockin' it in a limited edition sleeve from tropicalhowie,

Not only are the designskickass, but they are really well made: A cushy, comfy, neoprene cover protects your precious computer, beautiful stitching that you'll ache for on your jeans and shirts, awesome, comfortable, clear zip pulls and a non-abrasive zipper make this the best sleeve around.

And it gets better! The tropicalhowie designs are ubercool, but it doesn't stop at just the outside - inside you get a little story about your design! I am swooning over my sleeve, The Taxi Ride, and inside is the most awesome little story about it (I want to share it with you, but I also don't want to spoil it!). Also included is that mine is 1 of 750. Once the design sells out, that's it. It is gone forever. Which I have to admit makes me feel good. It's not like everyone is going to have one. I certainly don't want that.

These sleeves arefanfreakintastic. The quality and thought that is put into each and every one is just amazing.

I'm thinkin' one in each design outta do it...

Pat Says Now

This funny-named Pat Says Now company should be more well-known because their styles are incredible! I mean, if you want a mouse that stands out from the crowd, this is the place to get it.

Just check out all the possibilities! It's actually hard to choose just one - I mean, Platinum is so pretty, Louis XIV is so baroque and yet up-to-date, Toy Boy is just plain fun (and a little naughty) and Polka Dot is bound to go with everything.

But I fell hard for Kokeshi. This cutie is not only sweet to look at, but it's a tiny little thing, so not only does it not take up a lot of space on your desktop, but it's great for traveling and commuting!

I like the idea of getting a couple of different designs, so that you can change it up at your desk and keep things exciting and looking good.

It's easy with all the cool mouse choices at Pat Says Now.

Stephanie Dickison

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