Fomato Cards Make Me Laugh

Talk about unique.

Fomato Cards are anything but ordinary.

Recently I got a bunch of their Birthday Cards and man are they funny. And a little strange.

Check out the Cheese card. Crazy, right? And then there's the Bakery, Low Expectations, Curing Pessimists, Geography, Tyrannical Rulers and Learn to be Dissatisfied cards.

Not only are these fantastic little stories enclosed in just a few pages, but they are humourous and unusual. The drawings themselves are endearing and colourful and there is so much detail. This isn't just a card that someone glosses over - this is a serious read and re-read kind of card.

And one of the best features is that the cards often continue over onto the back - which can make it hard to find a place to write a message or sign - and makes the adventure last just a little longer, thank goodness!

And the sweet little creatures that are featured on Fomato Cards can also be found on their awesome Pins, which you'll want to be sure to get a full assortment of!

Fomato is sure to delight and please you. I'm still giggling over their sayings and images - I can't wait to share the joy!

Stephanie Dickison

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