Flojos Sandals are the Perfect Summer Accessory - Especially in this Heat!

Gosh it's been hot lately - sweltering, in fact.

And there's nothing worse on a humid day than having hot, feet. If you are still wearing your ballet flats and high heeled pumps, it time to switch to pretty and comfortable sandals.

Flojos, a company that has been around and making sandals and flip flops since 1979, embraces the California beach style in their designs.

Easy on the eyes and your feet, Flojos come in styles for the whole family - women, men and kids.

I love the variety of colours, styles and designs available - you'll want to get more than one pair, I'm sure.

I am currently rockin' my new pair of Paige in black. As you may know from reading my posts, I am most certainly a wedge girl and for me, the higher the better.

These 2 1/2-inch wedges give me the height I want and make them stand out from the usual flat flip flop designs that me and every other girl wears constantly during the summer. And the silver studded strap gives them a little oomph, a little edge to my outfits.

One thing you've gotta know about these puppies is that thanks to a padded footbed and material that feels like ultrasuede, is that they are comfortable.

And really, as much as you want to look good, isn't this becoming just as important to you as you get older (Recently at my book launch, my friend Ava was walking around with her shoes in her hands. They were so painful that her husband had to help her off with them. And my Mom wore new shoes that were a teeny too big so she hobbled around that night, walking very, very slowly)?

Now, there was another pair of Flojos that I was looking at...

Get yours now and enjoy the summer without the blisters, aches and pains for once!

Stephanie Dickison

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