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I am old-fashioned in a lot of ways. I say please and thank you, I get dressed up to go out for dinner and I think wearong a hat and gloves is timeless and ladylike.

That's why I am swooning over my new Jessica E. handmade necklaces. That, and they are freakin' beautiful!

Made from old posters and retro images and then set on a piece of sturdy glass, these gems bring a timelessness to any outfit. A stainless steel chain allows for simplicity as well as showcasing the pendant.

Blue Moon is perfect for my amazing friend Jill because she's a songwriter, cabaret singer and all around great ol' fashioned girl (she even found a chivalrous husband who walks ladies across the street and to the subway!). The midnight blue background and pale moon harkens back to a simpler time filled with long cigarette holders, long glances and even longer nights filled with drink and passion.

For me, the Adler typewriter is just a perfect. As you'll see from our collection of typewriters and being half of a couple who writes day and night, it really is one of the most menaingful pieces I've ever had.

The pumpkin background and old font gives me pleasure in its simplicity and the idea of finally being able to carry around a typewriter is a joy that cannot be expressed merely in words.

And there are so many that I love - the Japanese paper designs (chiyogami) are exquisite and are both retro and yet right up to the moment, don't you think? Boston's Best Cream Pie is awfully cute and Orchid Springs Bath Salts brings about a great sense of calm for me.

And the fact that each piece is made by hand in Toronto?

It doesn't get any better than this.

Jessica E. handmade jewelry - jewelry with heart and style.

Stephanie Dickison

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