Shuella - Your Shoe Umbrella

It has been raining here all week. And not just drizzling, but monsoon, driving rain that comes in sideways so no matter how slick your jacket, how big your umbrella, you are going to get wet.

And to me, there is nothing worse than wet shoes. And wet feet.

And now that it's warmer out, you probably don't want to be pulling on your clunky rain boots each time the forecast calls for showers.

That's why you have got to get yourself a pair of Shuella's!

These fun coveralls slip on over your shoes (and yes, even high heels!) and close with fun velcro tabs. Shuellas come in 3 vibrant colours and classic black (I got hot pink, pictured above) and come with a cloth and bag so that you can wear them, wipe them and then put them away. They fold up to almost nothing, so you can throw them in your briefcase, gym bag or tote and not feel like you're hefting around big bulky boots.

People stop to ask me about them whenever I have them on. They are such a great idea and so much fun to wear, you're going to want to get a couple of colours.

And finally you can save yourself from wet shoes and wet feet.

Suddenly rainy days aren't such a drag after all...

Stephanie Dickison

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