- Pretty Organization Options For All Of Your Recipes

If you love to cook, no doubt you've got a collection of recipes that are bulging around you in the house, whether they are piled high in a basket, shoved haphazardly into a binder or scattered around in different rooms and areas awaiting a dream day where you can sit quietly and cull through them and finally get organized.

That time is now, don't you think?

And I've got the perfect thing for it -!

Finally you can transfer all of your favourite recipes to beautiful cards that you will actually enjoy using, will be easy to use and will stand the test of time unlike thin, glossy torn-out magazine pages (trust me on this one...). And you can use them to give your recipes as a gift, which I think is quite a touching thought!

There are a gazillion pretty designs to choose from - animals (check out the fancy chicken!), nature, holiday, patterns and basic themes, people, miscellaneous, and even photo cards! The kitchen and cooking themed cards are awesome, but I think my favourite are the retro ones. They make me want hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, mashed potatoes and peas and thick homemade hamburgers with fries and ketchup. Mmm!

This ought to get you motivated to get your recipes in order!

And you can get personalized cards and stationery done (such as a baby shower invites, wedding kits, etc) as well as buy other neat products (I looove the grocery lists and recipe replacements for just 95 cents!). You get to choose everything from the design to the font.

And it's all guaranteed.

But no need to worry - joyful, fun designs that you've chosen on thick quality paper - you're going to love them!

Shop for your own collections now.

Stephanie Dickison

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