The Lano Company Keeps Your Lips Soft & Supple

There are a lot of companies that claim to have softening, moisturizing products for lips. But all through my teens and twenties, I would head to the drugstore to try yet another lip balm, in hopes that it would salve my chapped lips for once. But each and every time that I thought I'd found one, it would turn out that it would work once or twice, but that would be it.

That's why, when I find one that works for my haggard lips, I can't wait to tell people about it because if it can go to work on these puppies, it should work on your lips too!
The Lano Company specializes in lip care that uses the softening agent of lanolin. Created by Miranda Coggins, she has since expanded the line to include other products as well.

LanoLip lip balm, the signature product of the company, comes in many different flavours and sizes. I got Dreamsicle, which is not sickly sweet at all (which I so appreciate) and has just a slight hint of vanilla and orange, reminding me of my summer's and a kid. The lanolip not only glides on, but softens my lips quickly and gives a really slick sheen that means I don't have to wear gloss now! It does not contain wax, so there's no weird waxy feeling like those cheap drugstore brands that you're so used to.

And because my lips seem to be perpetually in need of help, I've turned to The Lip Scrub, which is made from all natural ingredients and rubs away any dry, dead skin on my lips, polishing them gently so that all that is left is smooth, supple skin. I got Vanilla, which again is not potent like those soap stores in the mall, where you can smell them a mile away. It's just softly scented.

And to show you just how therapeutic lanolin can be, try one of Lano's massage oil candles. With pure shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, soy bean oil and medical-grade lanolin, you'll be able to relax and unwind by the glow of the candle and the healing properties of the oil. The Lavender Vanilla LanoLight is unbelieveably soothing and relaxing, in both scent and feel.

Shop now and start to see and feel the difference lanolin makes. The Lano Company is really onto something here!

Stephanie Dickison

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