The Funniest Cards Can Be Found At Teeny Tiny People!

As soon as I saw Teeny Tiny Greeting Cards, I knew I had found something truly fantastic!

Using plastic figures that are not at all contemporary (read: Victorian!) and putting them in au courant situations, well it makes for a damn funny -and truly original - card!

My absolute favourite is "You're just the best thing since slices bread!" card with a ye olde lady with a piece of white bread 3 times the size of her stuck through her head. But truthfully, they are all so good, it's hard to call out just the one.

Take "Edward spent his entire day glued to the television," which is perfect for my television writing fiance or any of my many friends who are locked up in In Treatment, Party Down and Southland, as I am.

For my girlfriend's birthdays, I think I'll be buying "Heppy Birfday" by the truckload, as well as "Less is More," and for all my peeps with cats, "Cat Dress Up" is a definite must-have item!

Teeny Tine People have created original, fun cards that really stand out from the crowd and will stay with you long after you've sent it on to friends and family.

In fact, "Heppy Birfday" is now how I choose to say it!

Stephanie Dickison

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