Exuberance Beauty - High-End Organic and Natural Skin Care for Exuberant Women

You want to feel powerful and beautiful each and every day.

And now there's a company that embraces that philosophy in their organic and natural skin care products.

Exuberance Beauty takes care of your skin, making you feel better inside AND out, and each month, sales of one of their products will benefit different women's charities around the globe. So it's women helping women. Isn't that awfully smart?!

And their skin care line is awesome. It is such a pampering feeling using their products. You'll start to feel better as soon as you open the bottles and jars!

I start with Princess Marrakesh (aren't you gorgeous) Rose-Infused Facial Tonic. It goes on light and smells like a bouquet of roses. Sigh. What a way to start your day! It is surprisingly moisturizing for a tonic, which you probably associate with drying properties. What's fabulous about this tonic is that it reduces the appearance of aging for "normal, sensitive or maturing skin," meaning that even before you've applied your moisturizer, it's working on making you look younger. Gotta love that!

One of my favourite new finds is the Miracle Bound (rejoice!) Skin-Firming Gel Makeup-Primer For All Skin Types. Because my makeup always seems to disappear throughout the day (where does it go, I wonder), this grips my makeup in place. The clear gel is soft and silky and not at all goopy or sticky. Aloe vera keeps your skin supple and nourished and Exuberance says that will regular use, your skin will continue to look better. Flawless skin and makeup AND an improving complexion to boot?


You can see why I love these guys...

To battle my ever puffy eyes, I'm using Ultimate Perfection Evening Primrose Intensive Eye Beauty Cream. Using just a little daub, Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin A infusions go to work on your wrinkles and creases, puffs and bags. Use it morning and night and watch the lines disappear. Really!

Before bed, I slather on Victory is Ours (on a crusade for a worthy cause!) Vitamin C Super-Rejuvenating Night Cream and awake to a peaceful, restful face. The cream goes to work on repairing your skin overnight so that you simply wake to a radiant complexion and sexy glow. Finally, you don't have to work hard for beautiful skin.

It's yours to have, with Exuberance Beauty!

It's really that simple.

Stephanie Dickison

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