Cremo Cream Gets My Legs Short Shorts Ready!

Finally the warmer weather has arrived.

Which means that it's time to put away your winter boots, coats and sweaters and get out your slinkiest sandals and start donning capris, shorts and miniskirts.

Which means, your legs should be smooth and silky.

And once you try Cremo Cream, you'll see how soft and incredibly smooth they can be! The difference in look and especially in feel is remarkable! Don't be surprised if your partner can't stop running their hands over your legs - they just feel that good!

The silvery-white cream goes on in an even layer and adheres to the skin without slipping off. Somehow it creates a completely silky surface in which your razor will glide across like nothing else you've ever experienced. This means less cuts and nicks - even around curvy places like your knees and underarms!

Invented by Mike Boone, a Stanford Engineering grad, this cream is a must-have for anyone for whom shaving is a chore. I used to dread it and now it takes me half the time with waaay better results.

Get yourself some Cremo Cream and get summer smooth legs right now!

p.s. It comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube that won't leave rust marks in the shower like those awful cans you've been using from the drugstore! Woo woo!

Stephanie Dickison

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