ZUKAY Live Foods 100% Natural & Probiotic Salsas & Relishes Are Incredible!

As a food writer and restaurant reviewer, I am fortunate to eat a lot of amazing food most of the time.

And I have just found the best tasting relish at ZUKAY Live Foods!

This non-dairy probiotic company makes incredibly healthy tasty fare that is based on fermenting principles that makes vegetables actually healthier than in their original form (click on Fermentation 101 to learn more).

Local vegetables are carefully selected and everything is 100% natural - no preservatives or chemicals are used - so the taste that you experience is fresh, vibrant and completely alive - the salsas and relishes are full of flavour that whatever you are eating with them will taste 10 times better and you'll want to eat twice as much!

You can buy them in a variety of ways - individually: relish and/or salsa, sampler packs or cases.

The salsas are fun and lively and can be used in more ways than just with tortilla chips. I used ours on fish, chicken, in soup and on garlic bread like bruschetta. The mild is indeed mild and the hot is extremely hot - for my fella and I who enjoy quite spicy fare, we found it really hot, but good.

The relishes are unbelievable! Like I said, the best I've ever had. We were having hot dogs and burgers, just to have the relish. Both the garlic dill and horseradish dill are superb. My fella and I consumed the 2 jars in a mere couple of weeks, whereas usually our jar of relish can last through the change of seasons.
ZUKAY Live Foods makes products that not only are good for you, but taste incredible.

Switch to ZUKAY and change the way you use condiments. Suddenly you'll see them as the main attraction and not just as a mere topping.

Stephanie Dickison

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