On the Go? Then Try N8B Skin Care & Personal Grooming Products for Men & Women!

Life seems to be speeding up. How did it get to be April already?

If you're like me, you've got more to do with seemingly less time to do it in. You want a product that works, that uses natural and organic ingredients that cleans, soothes, protects and moisturizes but not have to use 10 different bottles and solutions to get results. Who has time for that?!

That's why I like N8B Skin Care. Three products and you're good to go!

Take the N8B Unisex Stick, for example. This portable face wash looks like a roll on deodorant, but is packed with aloe vera, oat protein and algae and black currant extracts to keep you clean and fresh-faced. The container is made so that it won't leak, drip or spill, so whether you're keeping it in your bathroom cabinet or outside your tent in Bhutan, you are protected!

And it comes in 2 lively scents - citrus and clean. Just apply to damp skin, lather up, rinse and get on with your day. You've gotta love a product that works as hard as you do, but doesn't eat up your time.

For a product that multitasks like a demon, check out N8B 3Some for men. It is a Shave Foam, Face Cleanser and Body Wash all in one! This is great for keeping at the gym or the office or for when you're traveling. It moisturizes your skin while replenishing and revitalizing. I'm sure people will appreciate it being fragrance-free, while I love the fact that it contains no chemical, synthetics or animal fats.

And for after your shave, N8B 2Gether is a 2-in-1 post shave healer and moisturizer - again for the men, but ladies, with aloe vera, green tea and essential oils, you may want to slather this on after you've shaved your legs. I don't think he'll mind...

And a percentage of sales proceeds will go to Not On Our Watch/International Rescue Committee, so you'll be saving time AND doing a really good thing.

Simply your life and your morning routine with N8B Skincare. Life is busy enough without having to spend 30 minutes getting ready, don't you think?

Stephanie Dickison

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