Jenny Wren Paperie Offers Pretty, Joyful & Extremely Celebratory Cards & Gift Wrap!

It's spring, so let's celebrate!

There is much to write to friends and family about:

- it's finally starting to warm up
- the days - and sunshine - last longer
- my book is coming out!

and all of the usual weekly news of my fella and I...

And cards bursting with delight from Jenny Wren Paperie are the perfect thing to send!

Created by Jenn Playford, there is a huge range to choose from - Kimono Box is fresh and fancy free, In Bloom (pictured here) is covered and edged in gold glitter, Celebration is bursting with cheer on the outside and a Congratulations! wish on the inside, the Blossoms Box allows you to thank someone in style and the Fairy Birthday does not have to saved for the next tween birthday - it's good for anyone celebrating their big day!

I love the joy and colour of these cards. They are anything but serene and embody a real joie de vivre in each and every one.

The same goes for her Furochic Eco Gift Wrap! This incredibly awesome cloth wrap is inspired by Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth and is an amazingly eco-friendly option to gift wrap. There are 6 designs to choose from (all are 100% cotton) and each comes complete with beautiful matching ribbon and a Jenny Wren gift tag so that all you have to do is come up with the gift part! I got the lovely and whimsical Cherry Blossom, but I say get one of each and that way, you'll have them for when the next occasion occurs. And finally, no tape or scissors required - just wrap and go!

If you want cards and wrap that are fun and playful, Jenny Wren Paperie is for you!

Stephanie Dickison

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