ECOBAGS Make a Statement While Saving the Planet - One Bag at a Time!

Tote bags are a part of our daily lives now - we use them to carry home our groceries, home items, gym clothes and whatever else we need to carry throughout the week.

But there's no reason that you have to get something that everyone else has - like those unbelievably unattractive grocery store ones. Ech.

Get yours from ECOBAGS, who have been around since 1989. Their canvas totes come in a couple of styles - plain or custom printed for organizations and companies.

And I got a great Hemp Cotton Tote. Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are not needed to cultivate this amazing fiber. And hemp is incredibly strong and long-lasting, so you can pack it to the brim and not have to worry about it falling apart like some totes.

I am loving their Totes with Quotes! Each one calls us to action.

The Yes, We Will! Tote partners ECOBAGS with (the largest not-for-profit dedicated to empowering young people to take action around issues that matter to them) and lists instructions on how to text for a list of volunteer positions in your area. And ECOBAGS will donate 15% of every bag sold to

I Am What I Do Tote was designed by Kevin Forsyth, a employee. This recycled cotton canvas tote is smart AND stylish and $5 from every bag sold will go to

So not only are you helping to reduce plastic bags (each bag can hold up the equivalent of 4 plastic bags), you are changing lives! Now that's power!

Check out the entire line of products available - as you can see, they do a lot more than just great totes - and get something that makes a difference in your life, in the lives of others and our planet.

This a fantastic way to reduce using plastic bags AND speak your mind about issues that matter to you. And it's affordable!

It's win-win!

Stephanie Dickison

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