Crywolf Clothing is Handcrafted and Oh-So-Cool!

Crywolf Clothing is everything you want in fashionable attire!

Each piece of clothing from Crywolf is unique, handmade, and made in limited amounts, so that you are sure to be only a selected few, privy to each design. Featuring original artwork by founders and creators Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik, the clothes are fun, eccentric and completely affordable. There are shirts for guys, girls and kids, buttons and button sets, accessories and sale items to choose from.

And yes, it's going to be hard to choose. It was for me, anyway. I wanted a tee that was different than what I've seen lately and I found it in the Skull & Key Vneck! (pictured above)

Long and incredibly soft (think the comfiest pajamas you own) thanks to being 100% combed cotton, this is one of those t-shirts that you wear all the time because:

1. it looks damn good, and
2. it's so damn comfortable.

The hand-painted design is a limited edition of course, so I feel good knowing that this is not going to be worn by the masses (Yet. I'm sure these amazing gals are going to be discovered by some bigwig any day now...). I feel like I've got a little canvas going on and I get to show it around town.

Much better than something from the mall, don't you think?

The long lean fit, the deep v in the front and the cool macabre drawing at the hem makes it one of the best shirts I've ever had, not to mention that two rockin' girls came up with the idea and then handcrafted it.

While I enjoy the exclusivity of the design and idea, I can't help but want to spread the word and tell the world about Crywolf. It's just too good to keep to myself!

Stephanie Dickison

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