Celebrate Spring with Mintika's Customizable Laptop Sleeves!

Okay, I am officially tired of all things black and wool.

It's been a long winter and I want to celebrate spring with pretty, colourful accessories. And I don't want my laptop to be left out, so I'm using Mintika's Customizable Laptop Sleeves to cart my baby around town!

The sleeves can be made to fit whatever laptop you have - from small Asus to large Mac - and you can choose whether you want handles or not, which is great, because different people will use them different ways.

They are constructed with a layer of 1/4" foam, a layer of fabric, and then a layer of clear vinyl with zipper closure (zips on three sides, so it lays flat when open). I love the clear vinyl so that you can wipe up any spills and protect your laptop from damage. It also keeps the fabric looking pristine and fresh, so you don't have to worry about it wearing out or snagging on something in your bag (how many times has that happened).

You can also choose to get a strap -briefcase (15") or shoulder (25" -this goes over one shoulder like a purse, not across your body like a messenger bag) and even use your own fabric if you like - how completely personalized!

But chances are you'll love what you see here, as I did! If you love animals, no doubt you'll want Veldt, Deer, Wolves and Waterfall Birds. If pretty is what you're after, there's a ton of great patterns. Sexy ones, too!

I got the bright and joyous Orange and Pink Polka Dot sleeve (pictured above), and the Purple Floral Pattern (with handle) featured here in the gallery.

Now I can tote my laptop in style, while protecting it, whether I'm simply taking it as far as the espresso shop on the corner or it's coming with my to Paris for a getaway with my fella.

Sure you can go to a store and buy something that everyone else has to carry your laptop. Or you could order one from Mintika, aka Barbara Prosanto who will lovingly make you one from scratch that fits.

I think it's obvious which is the better choice!

Stephanie Dickison

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