Between Me and You Keepsake Journals Are a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime!

With every present I get someone, I try to make it personal and meaningful for them. Something that they will hopefully treasure and use.

A truly wonderful choice are the Between Me and You Keepsake Journals from Sand Dune Publishing Co.

There is something for every family member, friend and colleague. I got the one for Mom, as Mother's Day isn't too far away (May 10).

These hardcover, spiral-bound books have 35-45 questions to ask and answer. You give them to someone, they fill it out and then give it back to you. The hand-written answers will fill in the gaps and create memories of times shared and experienced. It's kind of a gift for the both of you in that way.

Created by Winston Simmonds, Jr, the book contains different sections. In the Mom one, for example, there's:

- When you were a kid
- Your youth
- My Dad
- What about me (my favourite part)
- You, now
- Other stuff

And the questions are really intriguing:

- What were some of your favourite things to do as a child?
- What kind of music did you like as a teen? Any favourite artists or groups?
- Was there anything I did as I was growing up that reminded you of yourself as a child?
- If you felt the need to offer some advice to me, what would it be?

You can see how it is something that will bring you closer together. And it gives you the opportunity to ask the questions and allow the recipient whatever time they need to answer them. In what other instance would you have to find out all of this information about someone?

These journals are modern in both their look and their feel. No hearts a flowin' and angels in these books. Just questions with room for answers.

And at only $14.95, it's a steal. A lifetime of memories for under $20?


Buy yours now.

Stephanie Dickison

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