Wash Every Single Item You Own with Soak Wash - It's Rinse Free!

I have a lot of items that I like to hand wash. Delicate lacy things, sure, but also all that stuff that's made out of lycra and spandex. You know, most things you wear to the gym or to at least look like you exercise somewhat.

So when I came across Soak Wash, I was excited. Now I could simply wash my workout pants without having to put them in the laundry, having to wait for a full load.

Honestly, now I just wash and go.

And it's so easy - pour 1 teaspoon into cool water. Soak items for 15 minutes and then gently squeeze out water. DO NOT RINSE!

I not only washed my workout pants last night, but a delicate tee that my fella likes on me. Tomorrow, I'm going to wash whatever I need to without taking any time or energy like regular laundry! And the best thing? You preserve your clothes, quilts, teddy bears and whatever else you want to wash because you are not putting them through the uh, wringer!

You can get scent-free if you like, but I'm loving the joyful, light fragrances of flora, aqua and citrus.

Stephanie Dickison

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