Premier Pet Liver Biscotti Treats Makes My Rip A Very Happy Dog!

My dog Rip is a big lug - part German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Boxer and Golden Retriever - and a real sweetie. He is the gentlest creature I know and only wants to love you and lick you unconditionally.

Like most dogs, Ripper (named after actor Rip Torn) loves his treats. He has even developed a trick of asking to go out, having my parents get up to let him out, only to be fooled into him going to where the treats are kept and looking up longingly until inevitably one of them gives into his big brown eyes.

But no treat has had him jumping for joy like Premier Pet's Liver Biscotti Treats!

Made from natural, whole ingredients, this is a great way to reward our boy without feeding him something that is harmful to his system or will upset his tummy.

Ripper has always loved actual liver, but boy does he love these treats! Both the Original and Wheat & Egg Free recipes are made from whole, natural ingredients such as USDA approved beef liver, organic flour, fresh carrots and parsley. In fact, they sound good enough for me to eat...

And the Sprinkles Topping got us through a rough time where he'd lost his appetite. After trying many recommends methods, this was the only thing that got him eating again. It's miracle food in my eyes!

These delicious treats, made in many different sizes, are not only a great thing for our Rip, but for us because we feel good giving them to him. Ripper has always been a good dog and now we can reward him healthfully and properly.

Get your dog Premier Pets Liver Biscotti Treats. Because their health and happiness is as important as our own.

Stephanie Dickison

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