Personalized Stationery From Dempsey & Carroll, PSA Essentials & Mr. Boddington's Studio

So it's almost the middle of March, which means that spring showers - the baby and wedding kind - aren't far away, as well as summer weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, etc. Which means, you're going to need invitations, cards, etc. all with a personal touch.

I've found some fantastic personalized stationery that will no doubt attract the crowd and result in a flurry of excited RVSPs!

Dempsey & Carroll

Stationery engravers since 1878, Dempsey & Carroll have been creating memories on paper for a long, long time. Using hand-engraved steel dies and copper plates made to specification, the detailing is exquisite.

Take the Windmill, for example. The silver windmill is like a large pewter charm that's been affixed to the cotton paper. Flip it over, and you'll see it's actually been imprinted onto the paper. But how they get the tiny lines and windows in there in such detail remains a mystery. I like the Gold Suitcase for a little touch of luxe, but the New York Taxi sure is fun!

The Vertical Trillium gives you a white flower with rich green leaves that have an indent through the middle, making them seem awfully real. On thick paper with a deep border to match, this is a card that will impress.

And of course, this is just a very, very small sampling of what Dempsey & Carroll offers.

So have a look around and pick out something that is completely and totally you. Just make sure you order enough food for the event, because something tells me you're going to get a lot of yesses to your celebration.

PSA Essentials

There is no better way to personalize something than a self-inking stamp or embosser with your name on it.

I got the gabby stamp that allows me to put my name on anything - notes, cards, anything that I want to claim as my own! I love that I don't have to use a separate ink pad, which is always so messy and dries out quickly. This all-in-one stamp is wonderful.

Add some luggage tags that you can personalize with your very own stamp. Each tag includes 2 folded cards - printed front and back - and a plastic holder with loop that will smartly identify and accessorize any luggage, bag or briefcase. Get some calling cards and enclosures to stamp, while you're at it.

Not only are these enviable things to have for yourself, PSA Essentials stamps and stationery make fantastic, thoughtful gifts.

The only hard part is choosing which design to get!

Mr. Boddington's Studio

Well, let me just say this - the invitations at Mr. Boddington's Studio are some of the most beautiful and original I've ever seen. Retro and modern all at once, these are cards of high society mixed with the edginess of today.

They do more than just invitations, but if I was getting married, I would want these save the date cards and these absolutely stunning wedding invitations! Letterpressed cards on thick, rich stock lined with the most wonderful gold, they can include everything from the RSVP card, directions and maps (their maps are completely original and fun, not like the photocopied lined mess you normally receive), the invitation and cards that read "Dinner and dancing to follow in the garden."


Everything has great weight and quality. One envelope I receive has a bold lining that's as thick as wallpaper. And that's just the envelope...

Many of the items come wrapped in a thin sheet of tissue to protect it. And you can see why.

The Kyoto set includes Vintage Tea Parlour Wallpaper, Dots (avocado) and Henry, the very cool hand-crafted script.

These are cards to cherish and run your hands over a thousand times.

You only get married once (you hope), so get invitations that mark the occasion with class, flair and complete originality with Mr. Boddington's Studio.

Stephanie Dickison

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