Ouchies Makes Bandages For Kids, But You're Going to Want These for Yourself!

Bandages have come a long way. Not only do they actually adhere and stay on for extended periods of time now, despite heavy lifting, running or showering, but they come in a host of fun designs. And no one does it better than Ouchies!

They have different designs for girls, boys, ones that you design yourself and ones that have been designed by others.

I love the fact that you can make your bandage as much as a fashion accessory as your jewelry and clothes.

I think the girl's ice cream and popsicle treats one is fun and the doodles says dreamy teenage girl all over it, doesn't it? You should see my notebooks from high school... And for the boyz, I'm lovin' the newt camouflage, and the dragon is pretty darn cool.

But my very favourite are the Make Your Own. You get 20 bandages in 5 colours (pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple) and 3 markers (blue, red, purple) to design with. It's like signing someone's cast - you get to add an image for yourself or someone you care about.

I was going to make some for myself (pot roast, a dog, a shelf of books), but I think I'll make them for friends instead. That way, as I can't nurse them from far away, at least they have a little something to show I care.


Click on Where to Buy and lend a helping, healing hand with a fun bandage that will make it hurt a little less.

Stephanie Dickison

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