Green Gift Giving Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks to Nimli!

So it's my anniversary this weekend, along with a bunch of friends birthdays and a couple of going away parties. I've got to get some pretty amazing presents but I don't have tons of money. I also want these gifts to be green and not add to my carbon footprint

I've found it all at Nimli - Natural, Organic & Green Lifestyle!

This amazing online marketplace, founded in 2003, carries natural, organic and sustainable lifestyle products for you, your family (women, men, kids and pets) and your home. Nimli requires all designers shop their wares directly to customers, reducing their carbon footprint and saving everyone time, money and wasted materials.

There is a ton to see on the site, so plan on devoted some time to peruse each section. It won't take you long before you'll have compiled a long list of wants both for yourself and friends and family.

I got the absolutely gorgeous House & Wear Emma Top and Shorts set.

Whether you're wearing this out to the beach or in the bedroom, either way you're going to look oh-so-pretty. It is made of 100& linen, so it's uber comfortable and will further soften with each wash. It's cream background makes the magenta hand block print stand out and the detailing is just so sweet. An elastic gather goes under the breast and the ties go around your neck for a retro sun look that is simultaneously sweet and sexy. The little shorts are like tap pants with a pale pink edge that are ultra flattering and feminine.

This is one of those sets that you treasure and wear as much as is humanly possible!

Another must-have item is the Azuri Cashmere Pashmina Shawl that comes in 110 colours!

A quality pashmina is the ultimate luxury gift - but this is one that you can actually afford!

Made from pashmina and silk (70%Pashmina, 30% Silk), this shawl is soft and warm, durable and pretty. You can wear it a number of different ways because of it's width (28") and length (80") and during every season.

Pashmina Shawls never go out of style and they are an instant way to add splash and colour to any outfit. I got this beautiful magenta, that truly the most beautiful and best quality one I've ever owned.

And of course now I want to get one for every woman I know. At this price, you just can't go wrong!

And to tackle that dry winter skin, Scrubz has created scents exclusive to Nimli, like Fruit. This sugar body scrub tackles your worst dry areas with natural ingredients such as actual sugar and 9 essential oils. This is another great and affordable gift for those on your list.

So, if you're wondering what to get someone for their housewarming, birthday or just a thank you for being a good friend, look no further - Nimli has got it all!

Stephanie Dickison

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