Freshies All-Natural Gourmet Drink Mixes Rock!

Drink mixes have a bad rap because up until recently, bars, restaurants and food stores have been stocking powder mixes that leave a chemical taste on your tongue and an acidic feel in your stomach. They have been brutally bad and not worth making mixed cocktails at home.

But no longer, thanks to Freshies All-Natural Gourmet Drink Mixes! They are so good in fact, that you'll find yourself making up excuses to have friends and neighbours over!

First of all, they taste like they have been made from scratch because they ARE made from scratch. And because they are made with all-natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives, what you get is pure fresh flavour without any of that awful processed taste. You can really taste the fresh lime, lemon and orange juices, because there are no artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or stabilizers. Freshies uses granulated whole cane sugar, pure agave nectar and fresh herbs and spices such as fresh garlic, onion, dill and horseradish that the Freshies chefs actually peel and chop just before adding to the mix! This means that you are getting bold, fresh flavours that take your drink from the usual whatever to Oh-Mawh-Gawd what is this amazing thing?!

Be warned: you are definitely going to want more than one!

They have a few Blood Mary's. I tried the Original and Hot and loved them both. The hot is truly hot and though it was a tad too spicy for me, I marinated chicken in it and added it to chili last weekend and it rocked the joint just as a food addition!

And for a great old classic, you won't find a better mix than this Sweet-N-Sour. It's a little embarrassing, but my fella and I started to look forward to these after dinner every night like it was hot buttered popcorn or some decadent dessert...

I loooove Margaritas. And I have to say that Freshies makes one of the best - and it comes out a bottle! Isn't that amazing?! I had the Fresh Lime which has that authentic salty, rereshing kick that I long for.

And Mojitos too! Mmm. Having been to Cuba and had the real deal, I know what to look for. What amazes me about Freshies Mojito Mix is how you simply add the mix and alcohol and yet it tastes like the mint has just been muddled just moments before you've had the first sip. This is one of those wow cocktails that keeps you coming back for more (please be careful - they truly are so delicious that you'll want to drink them all night). And the Pomegranate Mojito? Insanely addictive too!

So stock your bar now with Freshies All-Natural Gourmet Drink Mixes and see how amazing your mixed drinks can be. You won't stop going out for drinks, but you'll certainly be making better ones at home now.

Stephanie Dickison

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