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"I developed evanhealy based on the premise that the less you interfere with the skin's own ability to achieve balance the better." - Evan Healy, Creator and Aesthetician

Makes sense, doesn't it?

But does it work?

Like you wouldn't believe!!

This line of skin and body care uses simple, plant-based and organic ingredients, so that you are feeding your skin only the purest products. Essential oils are used as the active ingredients, which "improve circulation, eliminate toxins and regenerate the skin."

And you can totally see the difference.

After only 2 days of use, my skin is all aglow and completely clear. I have the complexion I had in my twenties - smooth, creamy and luminescent - and that's all before I put makeup on.

My skin looks so good in fact, that I feel like I could go out without makeup. Which I never leave home without - even if it's just to the corner store!

And that's all due to the Rose Treatment Line. These products are for skin that is "dry, devitalized and/or mature." It contains gentle, balancing and harmonizing essential oils of rose geranium, roseweed and carrot seed.

The Cleansing Milk gets rids of the daily grime that accumulates as well as any of your staying power makeup and the Rose Geranium Facial Tonic instantly refreshes and tones my skin. And it smells good, so feel free to spray more than first thing in the morning!

Rosehip Treatment Facial Oil (it comes in Blue and Rose) gives your skin an immediate lift and glow and the Sea Algae Serum is a great combatant against both aging and the elements.

Ahhh! The Chamomile Eye Care Cream feels soothing and gentle upon application, but quickly you'll see lines fading, dark circles receding - no matter how late you went to bed the night before or how many glasses of wine you consumed...

And the amazing Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer is one of those creams that you can feel working all day long. At the end of a long day, when I go to wash my face before bed, my skin feels as moisturized and rejuvenated as when I first applied in the wee hours of the morning!
Evan Healy's Skin Care Line is honestly one of the purest and best that I've ever used. Since using it, I have been getting people - complete strangers - stopping me to tell me how great my skin looks.

Sure it's got a little to do with genes (thanks Mom and Dad!), but really, I owe most of my gratitude to evanhealy.

Stephanie Dickison

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