Bloomsberry & Co. Chocolates Are Fun AND Delicious!

Bloomsberry & Co. Chocolates are made in New Zealand, so perhaps that it why they have a great sense of fun with the packaging.

That is what made me take a second look at them - the crazyfun packaging like Emergency Chocolate (milk chocolate) with the classic red and white cross on the front, Bochox (dark chocolate) which has medicine-like warning, "May cause weight gain if used incorrectly," just in time for Easter, A Piece of Me (milk chocolate) and for the romantic, Lusty (dark chocolate).

Needless to say, they make fantastic gifts. They are also a great way to cheer yourself up or someone that needs a bit of a lift. Between the funny packaging and the creamy, quality chocolate, there's bound to be some giggling and uplifted spirits happening.

There are tons of companies offering stodgy packaging for their chocolate, but only one that's offering you a laugh as well as a treat.

Shop for yourself and others at Bloomberry & Co. and forget about feeling guilty about having chocolate and have fun with it. Life's too short to be serious and deprived of good things!

Stephanie Dickison

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