The Best in Spreads From Royal Hawaiian Honey, Baconnaise & Aloha From Oregon

Ahh, Sundays. The perfect day for relaxing on the couch with a piles of newspapers, magazines and books and eating whenever you feel like it. Probably not cooking much, just grazing throughout the day, enough to sustain you, but nothing that takes too much effort.

That's why I am all about the spreads. Put one of these great creations on some bread, crackers or crispbread and you've got a snack that will satisfy you all the way 'til bedtime.

Royal Hawaiian Honey

Once you've had wonderful honey like Royal Hawaiian Honey, you'll never buy store-bought again.

Royal Hawaiian's line of 3 single-origin, raw and organic varietal honeys are produced on the Big Island of Hawaii . Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. capable of producing certified organic honey on such a large scale, but this honey is made on a family-owned farm through artisanal beekeeping.

The difference in quality, texture and taste is unbelievable. The honey is 100% raw, yet is completely spreadable dur to a natural creaming process. This means that you can put in on your toast, in your tea and use in your baking and cooking!

There is Organic Lehua Honey which is light and creamy and has a sweetness much like butterscotch, Organic Christmas Berry Honey which is rum-coloured and its thick sweetness has great depth and weigh to it and Macadamia Nut Honey, which is not nutty at all, but has an enjoyable sweetness that lingers.

These are the real deal. Check to find a store near you and stock up now. Once you start using it, you'll want to put it in everything!


I wrote about Justin and Dave's BaconSalt awhile back, and now they've gone one step further with Baconnaise.

This is one of those spreads that you'll find works with so many things.

I used it for: a dip for pita and carrots, spread on bread with lettuce and tomato (easiest, least messy BLT you'll ever make!), plopped a spoonful in with navy bean soup, mixed it with stuffing and put in all in a pork roast, made a caesar-y dressing with it, smeared it on a bagel and added a fried egg (OMG) - and that's just the beginning!

What is so great about this is not only does it taste baconlicious, but it's kosher and vegetarian, so finally EVERYONE can enjoy the love of bacon.

This means you're going to have to share though...

Aloha From Oregon

If you love to eat and/or cook, gourmet pepper jellies, chutneys and specialty condiments are no doubt something that excites you.

So when I opened the box from Aloha From Oregon, you can just imagine my delight! I got two Pepper Jellies - Apricot and Marionberry - and oh my goodness. What a feast I created.

First, I covered a pork tenderloin with the Apricot Pepper Jelly. This golden delight is sweet, but thanks to the pieces of apricots, red bell peppers and jalepenos, it has a hit of spice too. So the pork was not only succulent, thanks to the thick glaze holding in all the juices, but every inch was full-bodied and sweet. We polished off the whole tenderloin that night.

The Marionberry is tart and plummy, like wine. The scent is captivating. I swathed it thickly onto a thick piece of 12 grain bread, added a slice of cooked breast of chicken and a sprinkling of poutry seasoning and it was like Thanksgiving in a sandwich. Absolutely delicious!

And that's just 2 of the many things offered here.

Really, I'm just getting started. There's a ton of items still to try.

I can't wait!

Stephanie Dickison

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