Be Green AND Stylish With BYOB, OtterBottle & Terra Tee Project!

Going green doesn't mean having to sacrifice style. You can absolutely help to save our environment by cutting down on plastic bags, bringing your own bottle for beverages and buying clothing that is sustainable and ethically made.

So come and see the great items I've found and soon, you can be eco-conscious AND stylin' to boot!

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bags

Bringing your own bags to stores is now a common sight. But I have to say, not all of 'em are pretty. And really, there's no need nowadays to get something just for utilitarian sake - there's just too many well-designed, good looking totes out there.

Just look to BYOB totes, for example.

Made in Vancouver, these 100% organic cotton bags are "built to last a lifetime" and have both in-house designs and Artist Series Collaborations.

That means, not only are you getting an awesome looking tote, but each time you use it, you use will prevent hundreds of plastic bags from "ending up in our oceans, in our trees, or buried in our Earth," as BYOB puts it.

I love the Artist Series Collaborations, as they are a Limited Edition - so once they run out, that's it - and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada which is a private, non-profit organization working for the direct protection of Canada's biodiversity.

Plus they are damn pretty!

I got the Together bag, which was designed by Simon Underwood. Made from 100% certified organic cotton and low-impact water based inks, the beautiful line drawing makes me smile and the deep soft cotton bag allows me to carry all that I need to in a day - which these days is an awful lot.

Go to BYOB and pick a bag that you love, like I love my Together bag. Just imagine - shopping just got a whole lot better!


I used to drink a lot of bottle water. But now I realize the impact it's having on the earth, so I want to switch to a resuable one.

But there are so many out there - how do you pick one that's good, that's right for you?

Well, the OtterBottle is a complete line of environmentally friendly, BPA free water bottles that are stainless steel, sturdy and good lookin'!

The range of bottles is vast in both size and design, so you can choose something that works with your lifestyle.

I got the 750 ml with the blue and green stripes (it goes with everything) and every bottle comes with a twist lid, sports lid and carabiner, so you can sip on it while you're working out on on the streetcar heading downtown.

With every bottle sold, a contribution will be made to the David Suzuki Foundation and you'll never have to worry about buying another bottle of water - a waste of money and just one more thing to add to our landfills.

I take mine everywhere I go.

Terra Tee Project

Created by Jennifer Capaci, the Terra Tee Project is an organic t-shirt company "with a global mission." With the purchase of each Terra Tee, a donation will be made to one of several charities, "dedicated to improving our quality of life on this planet - from cleaning up the air and water to protecting the animals and the earth."

The tees are pretty and soft and the designs are feminine and inspired by California's miles of coastline. There are 4 designs - earth, air, water and life. They are women's shirts, but men's are on the way!

I got Earth, which is soft and flattering and match my green eyes. I love that it's made solely or 100% organic cotton and is made in a sweatshop-free environment. It hugs my curves and really is incredibly comfortable. I just want to wear it all the time.

The design is eyecatching, as is the sexy v-neck.

Who says eco-fashion has to be boring?

Get your tee and do good while looking good!

Stephanie Dickison

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