Warmbat Sheepskin Boots are the Singlest Warmest Thing I've Had on My Feet!

It's been a long, cold winter and we still have a few months to go.

That's why you should get yourself a pair of Warmbats.

I got a pair from the Gecko Grip line (but there's the Kangaroo Classics too).

There is so much to love and swoon about these boots. And I know what you're thinking - they kind of look like those u boots. But trust me when I say that they are miles apart and that these will rock your world!

First of all, I thought that they would be hard to get on as there is no zipper and they seem so narrow. but they slip on so easily. More than any other boot I've ever owned. So just imagine - no more struggling, no more huffing and puffing to get your boots on at the door. It's truly a wonderful thing to just put them on and head out the door.

Then there's the way they feel. Made from genuine Australian hides and lined with incredibly soft and lush wool fleece, they feel luxurious the moment you put them on and last for the entire time you've got them on. I even had my friend try them on to show her how soft and warm they are. And they come with a removable, washable sheepskin lined, Memory Foam cushioned footbed to make any walk even more comfortable and enjoyable. Even in winter!

And there it is - the intense warmth that happens when you put them on. I recently wore them on a long walk to the grocery store and back, and despite the freezing temperatures and blasting winds, I was warm because my feet were warm. It was the strangest thing, something that I hadn't experienced before this.

Guess what I've been wearing ever since? My tall leather black boots that I wear with everything have been thrown to the back of my closet. I'm not going to be needing them for awhile. Especially since the rubber Gecko Grip keeps me grounded and from slipping around on the ice.

And my Warmbats look fantastic. I was at the bank machine the other day and someone caught a glance of my boots and said how great they were.

I know!

They come in 5 colours (mine are Chocolate)and have a fun dotted material swatch along the back, giving them that little extra something, so don't be surprised if people watch you walk away!

These boots are made with Eco-Friendly Sheepskin and come with 100% Quality Guarantee.

I am loving my Warmbat Gecko Grip Short Sheepskin Boots. So much so that I'm going out for walks no matter what the temperature outside.

These boots just made winter a whole lot more enjoyable!

Get your own pair online or check out retail stores near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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