Milani Cosmetics Make Me Look Red Hot!!

Just because the Oscars and Valentine's Day has passed doesn't mean you can't still look smokin' hot. In fact, all the more reason, right?

And I've found a great way to look hot in just a few seconds - Milani Cosmetics!

Whether you have light, medium or dark-toned skin, Milani Cosmetics has got high impact coloured lip and eye products, along with fantastic foundations that are going to rock your world. Come and see what I mean!

First, check out the most amazing foundation - Milani's Mineral Mousse Foundation is one of those wondrous products that you won't believe it until you see it. It is an incredibly light formulation that feels completely weightless on, yet leaves the silkiest smooth finish you've ever had. Your skin feels fantastic, not weighed down or covered up, but enhanced because although it looks like you're not wearing anything at all, this silicone based formula seems to take years off your face, all the while evening out your skintone. All without the use of talc, FD&C dyes, oils or paraben.

There are 10 shades to choose from, but you needn't worry that you won't be able to find one that will suit you - I got French Cream and True Beige and both looked beautiful on. But just wait until you put it on. I'm telling you, you'll be forever changed and completely hooked!

To vamp up your nails just a touch, get the incredibly sexy Milani Nail Lacquers in gorgeous reds and pinks!

I got Bet on Red - a shimmery dark red; Feisty Flames - a creamy bright and classic red; Ruby Jewels - a hugely glittery ruby red; and Black Cherry - a shimmering plum that is dark and delicious but not at all goth.

And now onto the lips!

For red carpet shine, get Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss! These high shine glosses come with a sweet scent and tons of moisturizing power thanks to honey extracts, cranberry seed and jojoba seed oil, along with vitamins A &E. I tried Bee Rich - an apple red, Buzz Off - a pretty cotton candy pink, and Bee Mine - a gorgeous and shimmery dark rose that is quite unique. All were fab-u-lous, but there are more shades available, so be sure to try them all!

I love the fun and fantasy element of the Lip Mixer Colour Shine & Shimmer Gloss! The tubes are filled with graduated colours of shimmery, shiny gloss. There are 6 shades to choose from: Lip Mingle goes from a soft cream to dark coffee colours, while Lip Fuse goes from disco pink to a violet sensation! This is what makeup is supposed to be - flirty and fun!

If you're more of a lipstick gal, don't worry. I haven't forgotten about you.

Velvet Lipstick Creamy Lipcolour is soft and creamy , but has staying power. And with vitamins A, C and E and soy, you can count on your lips to be soft and smooth, no matter which of the gorgeous shade you chose. Red Carpet, ladies, is a great choice for any night of the week!

And if you like something a little lighter, Shine On Lipstick is the perfect solution. It goes with a translucent shine, so you get a lipgloss effect with this lipcolour - and vitamin E to keep your pucker sexy and soft.

To keep your lipstick in place, Easyliner for Lips is a must-have item. Just line your lips and fill in with the colour of your choice. I got Cherry Pie, as it goes with everything.

Now, if you like both lipstick and gloss, I think you're going to love this next combination. One which I think deserves the award for best idea and design. Pretty Pair Lipstick & Lipgloss gives you a matching lipgloss and lipstick, so you can wear one or the other, or layer them for an ultra smooth effect. Not only is this a fabulous idea, but each set comes with a slide out mirror, so you can have beautiful lips no matter where you are.

And again, soft lips are a guarantee with shea butter, avocado and jojoba seed Oil and vitamins A & E. I love the red hotness of Two Hot to Handle, the pretty in pink Two Sweet and the ultra modern coffee beige of Two Perfect. Now I know what you're thinking - it must cost a fortune to look this good.

That's the best part. You can actually afford to buy all of this, as the Pretty Pair Combo is just $6.99 for two lip products and a mirror, and the awesome Mineral Mousse Foundation? It's got to cost what you're paying at the cosmetics counter right? Wrong. It's only $8.49!!! So despite these difficult economic times, you can look like a movie star on a poor man's budget.

And that's what I love about Milani! No one will ever know that you're wearing makeup that costs less than $10 and you'll be able to put your hard-earned money towards something else.

And just look at all the convenient places you can get it! Pick up your cosmetics while you're shopping.

Sigh. Now that's a beautiful thing!

Stephanie Dickison

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