Kerstin Florian Is One of the Best Skin Care Lines I've Ever Used!

Sometimes you come across a product line that completely rocks your world.

Kerstin Florian is one of those lines.

Absolutely everything I used was incredible, from their Sun Products to their Spa Face and Spa Body line!

Everything goes on super light, but quenches your skin upon contact, moisturizing, cleansing and restoring your skin to a better, younger version. And everything smells soooo good.

I took packets with me on a recent speaking engagement trip out of town. We stayed in a hotel for 3 days and the wonderful memories I have from that time are intermingled with the amazing scents of the Kerstin Florian products and how my skin glowed the entire trip!

And it continues...

I live in Spa Sun Protection SPF 30 Face and Body, and use their Sunless Tan Face and Body to keep from looking pasty during the long winter months.

The Spa Face line has 3 focuses - Rejuvenating, Rehydrating and Clarifying.

The Rejuvenating Night Cream for example, nourishes and firms your skin. With thanks to ingredients like cell-replenishing RNA, you wake up with supple, unlined skin. It's incredible. And with the addition of rose extract, it smells like a spring garden. Unbelievably addictive!

And to combat dry winter skin, the Rehydrating Starter Kit is absolutely superb! The combination of Neroli Cleansing Milk to start, followed by Rehydrating Neroli Water, Rehydrating Capilar Essence and finishing with Liposome Day Crème will give you the soft, smooth skin that you associate with warm breezes and long sun-filled days.

And the fabulousness continues with the Spa Body Collection! Krauter Chamomile Shower/Bath Gel and Krauter Chamomile Body Scrub have a lovely gentle scent and makes me feel scrubbed clean from head to toe!

The whole philosophy of Kerstin Florian is this:

"Outer beauty, inner health. To us, these twin pursuits go hand in hand. We've dedicated our lives to helping people discover them through the spa experience and in their everyday lives. Kerstin Florian International builds on the cornerstones to well being - sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body. Our face and body lifestyle programs give you simple tools that help you to find your energy, look healthier and achieve the balance you seek."

That is just you want, isn't it?

Kerstin Florian is everything you want in skincare - it does what it promises, feels fantastic on, smells incredible and makes you look your very best.

'Nuff said.

Stephanie Dickison

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