Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries & Every Occasion with Spruce Avenue, Nos Vemos Greetings & Chesapeake Bay Candles!

It's that time of year again, when birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations seem to cluster and gather - leaving me to wonder what the perfect card is for each person. And then what do I get them?

Here are a few things to get you started:

Spruce Avenue

You want your heartfelt greetings to come in the form of not just carefully chosen words and warm thoughts, but in a beautiful card.

Spruce Avenue is all about their passion for textiles, landscapes, and animals on handcrafted paper products:

"We consider each card to be a piece of art that features our own distinctive design and color elements. At Spruce Avenue, we only use the finest quality inks and papers, and all cards reflect our commitment to the highest production standards. As such, we carefully craft each card through a combination of graphic imagery and hands-on silk-screening techniques."

Their cards are pretty and original, which I'm guessing is just the thing you want to give to someone. There's gorgeous landscapes, dog greetings, invitations, art prints and momogram notes, to name just a few.

The floral and ornate cards hand silk-screened folded notecards (with coordinating envelope)are wonderful no matter what the occasion. I am using them for everything from a condolence card for a friend's dog, a note to my Mom telling her how much I love and cherish her and a note to a friend going through a hard time.

I want to send everyone the Boston terrier "thanks so much" card! With one blue eye to match the text, this little guy's look is sure to win over every recipient. And the delightfully summery "Happy Birthday" is perfect for my friend who celebrates her birthday on Monday. It is whimsical and feminine just like Jonah. She's going to love it.

These are cards that make a lasting impression, that you sit atop your beside table long after the occasion has passed. In fact, I'm keeping the terrier for just awhile longer. He's just too cute to give up yet...

Check for a retailer near you and stock up on Spruce Avenue. You'll be so glad you did.

Nos Vemos Greetings

These are most definitely the coolest bilingual cards that you've ever seen! And it doesn't matter if you or the recipient knows Spanish, because these cards speak more than words.

Nos Vemos has something for every occasion, for every person. They leave no one behind.

I got the fantastically funny Jade Esteban Estrada: Happy Anniversary card and the sweet and funny What's Up Pumpkin (Que pasa calabaza) card, but folks, this is just a small sampling of the wonderful, original cards from Nos Vemos Greetings.

Look through the collection and stock up for the upcoming holidays - Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, weddings and anniversary - and give a truly fun and original card for once.

Chesapeake Bay Candles

Luxe candles are a great gift - they make your place smell great and they add a little extra something over an extended period of time, lasting well after a birthday has come and gone.

Chesapeake Bay Candles not only smell fabulous and come in a wonderful range of scents and styles, but they are packaged so beautifully, that gift wrap would be redundant!

Just look at their gorgeous Signature Collection High Fragrance Filled Candles. These cream-coloured soy wax candles have twice as much fragrant oil as the ones you're currently using, so the scent lasts and lasts. The candles are hand-poured by artisans into beautiful 4" tall glasses, silkscreen with Chesapeake's signature tree motif, that you can reuse after the candle has melted. Now that's a beautiful package!

There are the most luscious scents to choose from, so don't feel bad if you have a hard time deciding. I got Nutmeg Cardamom Seed, which is sexy and spicy. Lemony and musky, it is clean and yet warm. All candles contain 100% cotton, lead-free wicks and the burn time for these candles is 35 hours.

A wonderful and most luxurious gift is the Home Fragrance Travel Set.

It comes with everything you need whether you are traveling afar or simply staying home - a High Fragrance Filled Candle in a travel tin (3 oz.), scented crystals that look like amethyst gems in that beautiful glass with the trees on it and a silkscreened glass Reed Diffuser, complete with reeds and fragrance oil.

I chose Tonka Bean, which reminds me of fall weekends at the cottage and nights spent on patios when you stay long after you've finished your drink.

Now scent, style and ambiance can be yours wherever you are.

That's the way to celebrate an occasion, wouldn't you say?

Stephanie Dickison

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