Alyria's Skin Optimizing System Gives You the Skin You've Always Wanted!

Alyria takes care those pesky wrinkles, dry, rough skin and discolorations that you have up until now, thought you had to live with.

Nuh uh. Not with Alyria in the house! Using AHAs, glycolic acid and high perfomance peptides, these creams go to work on your toughest problems.

With Multi-Age Correction, you simply apply daily and watch the years slip away as your wrinkles and lines smooth out and your skin tone becomes even and soft to the touch!

If age spots and discolorations are the problem, Intense Complexion Lightener will do the trick, thanks to an intense hit of Vitamin C. It will give you the flawless skin that you thought was only available to Hollywood starlets and people with tons of money.

And if your looking for a more all-over body solution, Resurfacing Body Care will get rid of your dry winter skin with glycolic acid and leave it soft, smooth and completely moisturized.

Alyria is a skin care system you can count on to take away what you don't want and leave you with the skin of your dreams!

Stephanie Dickison

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