Want to Be Healthier in 2009? Try These Easy to Incorporate Items From The Protein Bakery, Herbal Clear, Trius & Perfect 10!

Each year, I think it's safe to say that being healthier is often on our goals list. But where do you start? How do you incorporate such big changes into your already busy life?

Don't worry. It's easy, thanks to these products. Check it out:

1. Eat more protein

One of the ways to keep your body energized throughout the day is to feed it a lot of protein. One of the most fun ways I can think of is with products from The Protein Bakery. Check out their awesome Brownies, for example! Wouldn't you rather have a delicious, chocolately brownie instead of eggs, beans or soy? Check out the healthy ingredients of their Brownie with Chips:

whey protein, rolled oats, light brown sugar, eggs, semi-sweet chocolate chips, butter, chocolate liquor, vanilla, baking powder, salt, trans fat free

So pump up your protein, but have fun while you do it! And for an limited time, get their Peppermint Brownie. The holidays may be over, but that doesn't mean that you still can't have a little fun - and chocolate!

2. Switch to a natural deodorant

I used to have little dry patches on my arms and forehead. They didn't bother or concern me, but as soon as I switched to a natural deodorant, they went away. I switched because brand name deodorants are said to cause a number of problems such as breast cancer due to the aluminum and parabens, but it ended up solving some minor health issues in the interim.

Herbal Clear Deodorants are glycol, aluminum, and paraben free and made with natural and organic ingredients.

There are many varieties and scents to choose from. I like to get different ones to change it up from time to time, but no matter which one I choose, I can feel good about using Herbal Clear Deodorants.

3. Have a glass of red wine with dinner

That's right - it's actually okay to have a glass of red wine once a day to keep your heart healthy. I know! Pretty great, right?

But you want to make it a good glass. So make it a glass of Trius.

I like Trius Red. It is full-bodied, yet doesn't overwhelm the palate and it seems to go with just about everything - which is what you want when you're sitting down to dinner and eating an array of vegetables, seafood and meat. It is celebratory yet perfect for the everyday.

And don't blame yourself for looking forward to that glass with dinner. That's what good wine is all about.

4. Boost your energy

I don't know about you, but with all that I've got going on, it's not uncommon for me to wear myself out.

I have found that Perfect 10 Natural Energy Bars give me the boost I need, without having to resort to unhealthy sports drinks or caffeinated beverages that will leave me buzzed and shaky for the rest of the day!

Each bar only contains 10 healthy ingredients with "no added fillers, preservatives, sugars, sweeteners or honey," but don't think that means they're not tasty - they're delicious! And they did it all with 100% raw ingredients.

The bars are gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, sulfite and cholesterol free and come in a variety of flavours. It is too hard to choose a favourite - I love them all - Lemon, Cranberry, Cherry, Apple Cinnamon and Apricot. And then there's Lemon Bliss, Cranberry Bliss and Apricot Bliss which all have a tiny bit of dark chocolate in them to satisfy your sweet tooth and desire for chocolate!

I carry them with me wherever I go now. Instead of panicking and trying to find something healthy nearby, I just grab a bar from my purse and truck on with my hectic day.

Perfect 10 Bars provide nutrition and energy all in one very tasty package!

Stephanie Dickison

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