Sub Urban Riot Makes the Coolest Clothes - And They Also Happen to Be Completely Affordable & Organic!

In 2009, I want to wear cool clothes - with a conscience.

I want to know where the items are being produced and I want to support companies that are doing the right thing.

Sub Urban Riot is one of those companies, that once you find, you cling to for life. One, because they get the importance of giving back - 1% of all sales go directly to protecting the natural environment. Two, because their clothes absolutely ROCK all the while being made from organic and sustainable materials. And three, because they are actually affordable. So much so that you can actually plump your wardrobe with more than one item.

And trust me on this, you're going to want it all!

They have thought of everyone - there are choices for Women, Men and Kids.

In the women's section, you can choose from Dresses, Hoodies, Tops and Accessories.

I got myself a Solid Crooked V in Light Grey and man, is it hot! I put it on and headed out into the living room, where my fella said how sexy I looked, that he loved the top I was wearing.

Isn't that the kind of reaction you want from your clothes?!

And it's all in the cut. In fact, I wish every t-shirt I have had this wide asymmetrical V-neck line in the front, with a contrasting asymmetrical V-neck in the back. It slips down onto your shoulder and clavicle bone and skims your hips in just the right places. It was made for you specifically, you'll start to think.

Well, it has been. Kind of. Each piece is CUSTOM CUT AND SEWN for a unique feel that you will not find in those teems of shirts you already own. In fact, don't be surprised if you feel compelled to donate your old "regular" tees and replace them with Sub Urban Riot finds.

In fact, that would be perfectly understandable.

And because it's made of 100% organic cloudsoft cotton, it will be one of the most comfortable, sensuously irresistible things you own. Which is yet another reason why you won't be able to stop wearing it.

Shop now. And get the wardrobe you always dreamed of. At a completely amazing price and earth-friendly to boot!

Stephanie Dickison

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