Resolve to Try New Things This Year!

I think this is a popular resolution, but people have high expectations and list things that are awfully hard to find the time to do, such as "Riding a bucking bronco," and "Skydive over The Adriatic."

Why not just start in your own home with your habits and products? Break out of your routines and try something new! Here are 3 things to get you started:

Drink More Tea

Study after study shows the positive affects of drinking tea. So to make it more enjoyable, get The Teastick!

The unique design allows you to enjoy loose leaf teas without having to fuss with bags, get your fingers wet or have any leaves escape into your cuppa.

What it so fantastic about it is that it allows you to do all three steps in making a cup of loose leaf tea - scooping the tea, putting it in the cup and letting it steep - all with style and ease.

The end is rounded so that it kind of hugs your mug or cup and doesn't sink into your cup. After your desired brew is finished, just pull it out, slide it and dispose of the leaves.

You'll see - once you use The Teastick, you'll want to make tea all day long.

And be sure to get yourself a Teastick Gem while you're at it! It's so pretty (I have the red one)!

Drink to your health this year by drinking more tea - thanks to The Teastick!

Pamper Yourself

I think that the busier our lives get, the less we think about the little things, the everyday things. Which for me, adds up to all the important things and can add up to a significant portion of each day of our lives.

So that's why I think it's important to use products that make you feel good, to try new things and really pamper yourself at every opportunity.

So use a really good quality soap, not that stuff you're buying in bulk at the supermarket and smells like artificial pine.

Earthworks Products is a company that makes things with pure and natural products and leaves out all the bad stuff. They have a vast line of products to choose from. But I just tried their soap and think it's amazing!

Japanese Flower is softly scented but will have the bathroom smelling like a Japanese Garden in Spring in mere moments. This triple-milled bar gives you a rich, creamy lather and because it is chock full of shea butter, jojoba and coconut oils and the very soothing calendula, your skin will be nourished and moisturized, no matter what the temperature outside.

It's a little thing, but it's a nice thing. And don't you want to be better to yourself this year?

Enjoy Washing the Dishes

I know that this is going to be a controversial one, but just hear me out:

Washing dishes is one of the very few quiet times that you cannot multitask and check your email on your Blackberry. You cannot try and read and wash dishes. You simply have to give in to the task and do it.

But it doesn't have to be a labourious, awful thing. Think of it as dedicated quiet time for you to just give into a repetitive task and let your mind go to where it wants to. Perhaps you'll figure out that problem at work. Maybe you'll remember that you wanted to pick up something for your neighbour. And maybe, just maybe, you'll make a life-changing decision to leave your job and pursue your dream or put a down-payment on that house that you've always wanted.

And to make this time even more enjoyable, get yourself some Loofah-Art.

These eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable scrubbers are soft when wet and get the job done - all while looking awfully cute! There are so many collections to choose from - Fruit, Vegetable, Creatures, Party and Galley! I totally believe that if something is fun or pretty, you're more likely to use it and to like it. So get yourself a Pear and Eggplant or whatever design pleases you the most.

You'll get the job done quickly, it will last because it's made of loofah, it won't smell like other sponges, it's machine washable and because it's 100% natural loofah using 100% natural vegetable dye colouring, it's eco-friendly and safe to use.

So start taking the time to enjoy the cleanup after dinner. Who knows what you'll think of next...

Stephanie Dickison

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