Plump Up Your Overplucked Eyebrows with Billion Dollar Brows!

I have great eyebrows. They go up into a point like Jack Nicholson's.

But they used to be better. Much, much better.

Because I like everyone I knew, plucked 'em.

And now they still have that point, but it's a lot finer now. Which as you may know, the skinnier your eyebrows, the older and more severe you look (which is why the Brooke Shields, Selma Hayek brows come into fashion every season).

So while my brows have retained their awesome shape, they are mere scribbles above my eyes now.

Or at least they were until I discovered Billion Dollar Brows!

I started with Brow Boost, which after 30 nights of application makes your brows seem fuller, filled out, more robust. The sponge applicator is just like the one on your lip gloss, so you just smooth on the clear gel before bed and rinse off in the morning.

I like the routine of applying it at night and it has a lovely cooling affect that feels great.

Finally thick, healthy looking eyebrows can be your again! And really, it does make a huge difference to your appearance...

I can't tell you how many times this winter, I've pulled off my hat (it's so cold!) and later seen in a mirror that I have completely messed up my eyebrows in the process. They are all askew, making me look like someone on House who has a rare condition that puzzles the whole staff. So when I tried the Radiate Brow Gel, I was so relieved. Now my brows look polished and finished, thanks to this clear wonder gel and I can pull off my hat with confidence from now on. Which is great, seeing as it's going to be such a long and cold winter.

And finally someone has made a brow pencil for everyone! Hooray! The Universal Brow Pencil eliminates that excruciating browsing for the perfect colour (I have never gotten it right. Not once. Ever.) and it comes with a brush on one end, so there's no mistake of looking like Bert from Sesame Street again!

You can buy these separately or as the 3 Steps to Beautiful Brows Kit.

But one things for certain - you don't have to live with your puny, plucked brows anymore. You can change them.

Isn't that exciting?

See the whole line of Billion Dollar Brow products and look like your former, younger self in just a few days.

Stephanie Dickison

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