The Menda Ultimate Travel + Sports Towel Is a Must-Have Item!

I am all about efficiency - getting things done, doing them well but quickly and having enough time to enjoy the things that matter most.

So when I find a product that is designed well and saves me time in an ingenious fashion, I can't help but share the great news!

I am swooning over the Menda Ultimate Travel + Sports Towels!

These thirsty towels are not only soft, they are super absorbent. That means that you can dry yourself and your hair more quickly!

The towels are thin, but in this case, this is a good thing. Because they still pamper the body, yet they fold and roll up beautifully, so you can put one in your gym bag and one in your suitcase or bag to go the beach and/or camping and still have room left over to bring your essentials. Bye bye bulky towels! We won't be requiring your services any longer...

I love that it is made from 100% natural fibers as opposed to the synthetic one I currently use and that it is incredibly lightweight. You can now take your towel with you without feeling weighed down. What a feeling!

It comes with an attached loop so that you can hang it up to dry, but feel free to throw it in the dryer as well (phew!).

It comes in two sizes - Original and Mega. The Original is a fantastic hair towel, while the Mega is big enough to swath yourself in at least once, if not a time and a half!

Once you try the Menda, you'll want to switch ALL of your towels over.

Join the revolution!

Stephanie Dickison

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