Make Your Lips and Cheeks Dramatically Radiant with Beauté Cosmetics

Beauté Cosmetics adds drama and glamour to your current look - all in just a few seconds!

Liqui-Gel Stain for Cheeks and Lips is a high pigmented stain that wondrously gives you a sheen of colour - with staying power to boot! And though it is a stain, don't worry - you have lots of time to blend to your heart's content. This is the kind of product that you've been hoping for - customizable, yet long-lasting. Woo woo! And the tubes they come in are as beautiful as the vibrant stains themselves. View all the gorgeous colours here and choose the shade that excites you the most. I got Harlot and Flouron, which are a ton of fun and really bring out my green eyes and blonde hair!

The great thing about these is they are suitable for all seasons. And if you get bored with them on your cheeks, put 'em on your lips! Dual purpose stain. Don't you wish you'd known about this sooner?

And don't forget to get some Luminious Volume Gloss as well!

Beauté has created utterly gorgeous glosses in the best colours. Haven't you wanted a whole new colour scheme for 2009? Look at what I got - Girlie Show, a bubble gum pink that just oozes fun and mischief; Medusa, a dusty rose that is soft and sophisticated; Paramour, a shimmery rose that is sexy and all grown-up; and Urge, a sheer red that allows you to garner attention without being at all garish!

Beauté Cosmetics is all about making you look good and feel good, all with just a quick swipe of gloss here and a little stain there.

Not only are these the perfect antidote to the winter doldrums, but they are made for the modern woman on the go.

In other words, they're perfect.

Get yours here.

Stephanie Dickison

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