Look Great Poolside In Sea Queen, California Waves & It Figures! Swimwear!

My lovely friend Camille got me a pass to a number of pools for Christmas. She thought it would relax me.

What a gift!

But the last time I went swimming, I wore the only one piece I had and the underwire popped out as soon as I put it on, leaving me uncomfortable throughout my whole swim!


And because I swim only occasionally (one day we will have a pool...), I hadn't bothered to replace it yet. I mean, the whole trying on bathing suits is not generally thought of as "fun" and/or "exciting"...

But the new collections from Sea Queen, California Waves and It Figures! makes it not only enjoyable, but fashionable and puts your figure in the very best light.

If only your real clothes could do all of that...

But back to the suits. First of all, you have to throw away your preconceptions about how uncomfortable and unflattering your former swimsuits have been. Secondly, the materials and designs have come a long way, which means your body now can look completely transformed in one of these beauties!

Check it out:

It Figures! specializes in making suits to slim and flatter your figure. Don't you wish you'd found these sooner? They come in a dizzying array of patterns and cuts to cover those unsightly areas and show off your best features. Get a suit with just what you need, whether that's the Tummy Thinner, Slender Thighs, Length Wise, Hip Hider, C Cup & Up and A's Okay. This is just want you've always wanted!

And from Sea Queen comes the Grecian beauty, Odessa! Just look at the way it brings your tummy right in, makes you look slim and curvaceous all at once. It is rich and sumptuous without being too bold or daring, but it is certainly eye-catching!

I don't have one yet, but it's on my wish list!

And their suits have an exclusive feature, the SwimTech ContourLift Bra that maintains its perfect shape both in and out of the water, keeping you looking your best while you're swimming and then at poolside.

California Waves has really exciting patterns, thick materials that stay in place and bold prints that are sure to stand out from the crowd. Check out the Strawberry Fields suit for example. I got the halter neck bikini top with the high waist basic coverage bottom. It shows off your skin, but not enough to seem all "girls gone wild" - thank goodness!

So this week, I'm off to enjoy my thoughtful present from a good friend in a brand new bathing suit that I feel good in and highlights all of my best features while nipping and tucking those that could use a little help.

Just imagine - you can finally look good and feel good in a bathing suit!

Stephanie Dickison

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