Le Bootique Gives Life And Incredible Style to Your Boots & Shoes!

I don't know about you, but I can't afford to buy new boots every season. The pair I'm currently wearing have lasted me 3 winters now. And I can't tell you how bored I was with them - plain black, same as always, nice but incredibly boring.

Until I found the most amazing thing - Le Bootique!

See, they've figured out that us girls get bored with our looks, and that just a simple accessory can change everything. So they have created a whole line of accessories for your boots that take them from whatever to OMG!

And what's so great about them is you just slip them on over your current boots, giving them new life and a new look not only every season, but everyday!

Hugg an Ugg Bootbelts are a great way to liven up your plain ol' UGGs, but I'm using them on my long black boots. They give them an edgy, slightly punkish look like I love!

If I feel like looking a little more glitzy, I put on the Glamour Belts. With a crystal rhinestone buckle and satin black leather look belt that gathers into a sexy cinch at the boot's side, you won't believe how your everyday boots suddenly change into Hollywood-worthy, must-have items!

And if I'm feeling a little rock 'n roll, like I want to shake things up and stand out from the crowd, I rock my Boot Chains! These french braided, rhodium-plated brass are dotted with genuine crystals and finished with a signature LeBootique heart lobster claw. They are glamourous and stunning and are certain to stop people in their tracks!

And if you want just a little hint of bling without being too renegade, get these Glamour Belts. Oblong rhodium plated metal buckle with clear rhinestones and leather look strap add just a little bit of wow to your boots. It's just a little something, but as well all know, it's those little touches that add up to make you look great and pulled together!

Who knew your boots from 3 seasons ago could have a new life and such great style?!

And Le Bootique is so awesome, they have figured out a way to transform your shoes too!

Like your boots, I'm guessing you have a bunch of plain high heels. They are fine and everything, but there's no WOW factor. Well, get yourself some Heel Rings and see the difference it makes. See how expensive your shoes that you got on sale suddenly look?

And check out their amazing Boot Sleeves. You can completely update and reinvent your looks, outfits, shoes and boots, all with the slip of a boot sleeve! I think that's incredible.

I got a preppy pair and a vampy pair to liven things up a little. Isn't that fun?

Jewelry and accessories for your boots and shoes - you won't believe how much it changes everything. And all of a sudden, your boring boots become something to dress up and have fun with! How great is that?!

Check out Le Bootique's entire line, as this is just a small portion of what they offer.

You're going to have so much fun!

Stephanie Dickison

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