Get On Top Of Your Life Stuff With These Fabulous Items - Secrets of Simplicity, Paul Frank Clancy Journal & La Table Francaise Notecards!

Just because it's past January 1st doesn't mean that you can't still get yourself organized and on top of things.

And I've got the perfect things to get you started. Check it out!

Secrets of Simplicity

This book, written by organization expert Mary Carlomagno and exquisitely illustrated by Andrea Cobb, is a workbook that allows you to really investigate the ways you are doing things and shows you that it is truly better to live with less.

4 tabbed sections in this spiral bound book lead you through various stages such as Release, Simplify, Treasure, Invest, Discover and Thrive. You start your journey with deciding what you currently have and figuring out what you really need. Mary talks you through how to focus on the tasks at hand and makes you give a hard look at your finances, along with how you would spend your ideal day and seeing what is missing from your life.

You can absolutely change your life. But sometimes it takes something like filling out exercise pages and having instructions to follow to get you started.

This is a great tool and unintimidating enough that you will feel like you can do this.

And you know what? You can!

Paul Frank Clancy Journal

Okay, so now that you have figured out what you need to focus on, you're going to have a lot of ideas and things to do.

One of the best things I've found in trying to stick to doing things is making it easier by keeping the information in pretty and fun notebooks. If you are using a spiral bound notebook like you used to use to take notes in lectures at university, you probably won't get too excited about recording your ideas in the same kind of notebook.

Plus you want something portable and durable enough to keep up with your hectic lifestyle.

That's why the Paul Frank Clancy Journal is perfect. It's got a durable, refillable vinyl cover with Clancy the giraffe stitched on the front and a fantastic zippered pocket on the back to keep receipts, scraps of paper and whatever else follows you throughout your day!

Sure you could continue to use that sad little pad that you got at the dollar store, but really - how's that working out capturing your big, bold ideas so far?

Get something fun and see the difference it makes!

La Table Francaise Notecards

After having gone over your life stuff so extensively, is one of the items on your list to spend more times with friends and family? To hang out with your siblings or get back in touch with your friend that you used to stay up late with?

I'm going to guess that there's something like that on there. And that's why you're going to need some pretty notecards.

Sure you could send them an email or say hey via Facebook, but why not send a beautiful card to say that you're thinking of them?

I am loving these La Table Francaise Notecards. Not only are they gorgeous images by renowned photographer France Ruffenach, they impart a French countryside that shows the beuaty in simple things - all in a mouthwatering array of 5 designs, with 4 cards of each.

I have been writing to friends a lot recently. To my friend who just broke up with her boyfriend, to my friend who is struggling with finding work and paying the bills and to my friend who has realized that despite all the moves in her life, the next one will have to be to a sunny destination.

Stay in touch with a beautiful card and a small sentiment. It doesn't take much and the rewards are plentiful.

Stephanie Dickison

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