The funkyplanet funkyFLIP Bag is Eco-Friendly and Will Hold All Of Your Groceries or Gym Clothes!

Now that Loblaw and other retailers have started charging 5 cents for plastic bags, people are scrambling to get cloth and nylon bags to carry home their wares.

The only problem is that people are carrying 10 small ones with handles that don't fit over their shoulders and aren't equipped to hold a bag of milk or those 3 pounds of chicken wings that you got for tonight's game.

That's why you need funkyplanet's funkyFLIP!

It has many features that make it completely user-friendly:

- It folds into a little square (which means you can always take it with you without feeling like you're losing valuable purse real estate), but flips open into a big over-the-shoulder kind of beach bag, so that you can just toss things in as you go, without having to unzip it or take it off your shoulder, making it the perfect accessory for running errands.

- It comes equipped with mesh pockets to place small or delicate items and 2 zipped pockets for your keys, cellphone, money, etc. So you can leave your purse at home if you want to, which means you'll have one less thing to carry...

- This bag is meant to carry a lot. It is made of durable, yet completely lightweight nylon, so you can carry it without feeling the weight (until it's full of all those veggies!) and you'll know that it will hold up to the haul of tools you just got at the hardware store to fix your lamp (who needs an electrician) or your week's worth of gym clothes that really need to be washed!

- For me, the straps are of ultra importance. They have to be wide and comfortable, sturdy and reliable. And funkyplanet has made it so that they are ergonomically designed to give you balanced weight distribution and a lighter feeling bag. Ahhh!

- It is machine washable, which you'll appreciate as last week, my container of pineapple opened up all over the rest of my stuff. My fella came home to everything drying in the dishrack - a bottle of hot sauce, pineapple, a bag of plum tomatoes and banana bread!

The bag comes in 3 colour combinations, so get one of each. You're going to need 'em. Just look at your list and see how much you have to get in a week!

Now you'll have a bag that will keep up with you and all of your stuff.


Stephanie Dickison

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