Druide Shower Gels Energize Me Each and Every Morning!

Some people use coffee to wake up.

I use a hot shower with a good foamy, cleansing slather.

And recently I have been using DRUIDE's, which also happens to be organic and fairtrade certified.

Wow, what a rush!

Their shower gels are vast in both variety and scent.

If you don't like any scent at all, there is PUR&PURE.

However, I love scent - so I thoroughly enjoyed the Sensual Shower Gel (great for Valentine's!), which has a vibrant blend of cinnamon, ginger and ylang ylang.

The Refreshing Shower Gel is a revitalizing way to start the day. Cypress, palma rosa and peppermint energize and cleanse and leave you feeling like you've just had a really invigorating workout - with none of the pain or work of actually exercising, just reaping the rewards! And the Tonic Shower Gel is just as exhilerating with lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus to awaken your senses and get you charged up for the day ahead!

And if you prefer baths, get something from the Foaming Baths collection for the ultimate pampering experience.

And all natural, organic Shampoos and Conditioners would complete the experience, as you would be getting the full on treatment from head to toe!

Change your mornings into Blah! to Ahh! with DRUIDE.

Stephanie Dickison

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