5 Quick Fixes To Help You Through Your Day!

I need all the help I can get. To get more done, to get things done quickly. Anything to jam more into my day helps.

Here are 5 quick fixes to help you through your day:

Get an Instant Skin Makeover

Want to revamp your skin, but don't want to spend a lot of time and money on treatments and spa appointments?

Get Naturopathica and give your skin a total makeover!

First, get yourself an Espresso Mud Body Scrub. It uses Coffee Arabica, Indian tobacco, witch hazel, dandelion, echinacea, Indian sarsaparilla, shea butter and black silt clay to gently exfoliate dead skin and removes the skin's impurities while simultaneously sealing in moisture.

Then, apply Rose Geranium Soothing Plant Milk Mist to hydrate and tone your skin. With Rose Geranium water, red clover flower extract and other pure ingredients, your skin will be soothed, whether it's been dry or damaged by the sun or glycolic overuse.

You can cure what ails you and do it with pure ingredients and pure results.

Pop a Mint to Freshen Your Breath (And Get A Gorgeous Artist Tin to Boot!)

Sometimes you've had a martini while waiting at the bar or you've just finished off a couple pieces of garlic bread. You need something that will act quickly, but not blow your head off with its sheer insanity of mint flavour.

I hightly recommend Hint Mints, which not only taste great and come in a host of different, exciting flavour options, but come in the most beautiful Limited Edition Artist Tins you've ever seen!

I got the chocolate mint and cinnamint (powerful stuff!) from in the Glen Barr Artist Series, and now I am the coolest chick on the block. Not only is my breath fresh, each time I pull out my Hint Mints and slide the tin open, people can't help but gasp at the exquisite tins (which I will hold onto long after the mints run out).

Who says you have to be boring when it comes to mints? Not this gal. Get Hint Mints and stand out from the crowd!

Sweeten Your Drinks and Food with a Drop of Honey

Honey Drop is a portable honey that means the end of sticky fingers and the need for honey accessories! You can now carry your honey with you to the office or on the road, without it being messy at all!

It's amazing - just drop the Honey Drop into your favourite beverage or onto your cereal or toast.

And here you thought having honey with you was impossible! Buy a pack now (you get 20 per pack) - there's regular, with lemon and even exciting varietals to keep things interesting!

This is one of those items that once you start using, you can't live without!

Get Rid of Odour Quickly - And Naturally

We have a cat, who god love him, is on a holisitic diet. It's not his fault his litter box can sometimes smell. And my fella, god love him, has eggs almost every day for breakfast. It's not his fault the smell lingers until the afternoon...

Not only does Fresh Wave get rid of odours IMMEDIATELY, it does it WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals and instead uses natural extracts of lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedar wood and soya.

It comes in many different forms, to cater to whatever smell it is you're trying to get rid of.

I like the spray for a quick fix around the house before company arrives - spray your pillows the bed, the curtains - whatever. The spray smells clean and fresh and honestly cures whatever smell was there previously. And it's safe to use around your pets, which makes me feel really good about using it.

The all-natural soy candle is great to keep burning if there is a smell that you just can't get rid of or you just want to neutralize your space. The kitchen candle is fantastic to burn while you're cooking or just after. Just think of the difference it will make when you're cooking cabbage or fish, or if you've burned something. It's a miracle worker for sure!

And for near the litter box and bathroom, I'm keeping the crystal gel container, which works continuously to keep your place smelling clean and fresh.

Do you have a teenager or a musty closet or a damp basement? Do people come over and ask you what that smell is?

Get Fresh Wave and change the way you live.

Relaxing is a Breeze in a Lavender Bath

Yardley of London Moisturizing Bath Foam melts your troubles of the day away. It quickly soothes and calms you, while nourishing your skin and leaving it smelling lavenderlicious!

Stephanie Dickison

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