Tame Your Hair Flyaways, Keep Your Bra Staps In Check and Banish Raccoon Eyes Forever!

I am all about finding solutions to problems. And today I've found 3 that will rock your world!


I go to a lot of events where I want to make a good first impression. I change outfits 4 or 5 times before leaving the house, I apply my makeup carefully and select appropriate jewelry.

The one thing I can never do right is tame the flyaway hair.

But now I have found Tamz that does it for me - all in an instant - so I can head out the door with confidence, and not a hair out of place!

The clear gel is applied with a mascara like wand and dries quickly so you can apply it and it won't slow you down a bit.

This is one of those items that once you start using, you'll be hooked!

Bra Buddy

I have a number of tops and dresses that have crossbacks so regular bras won't do and though I have bought my share of convertible bras, I never remember to change them.

That's why I love the Bra Buddy. It quickly and easily converts my bra into a t-back, making it possible to wear my everyday bra to the gym and not have to buy a special bra for the few tops and dresses that require straps in the middle.

The package comes with 3 clips - black, white and beige - which allows you to covert a bra for every colour and every occasion for less than $20.

Just think of those hours saved from having to try on more bras! Woo hoo!

Shadow Shields

I am not the greatest when it comes to makeup - smudges, blots and watery eyes are often a normal part of my morning routine.

And there is nothing that I am worse at than applying eye shadow. Somehow, I always manage to get it everywhere but my eyelid. So when I saw Shadow Shields, I thought, "Wow. Someone really understands what I go through."

They are super easy to use:

You simply adhere them below your eye from inner to outer corner before application
Apply makeup
Gently remove and discard

You get 50 disposable pads per package and now you don't have to reapply your under eye makeup after doing your eyeshadow, liner and mascara.

My mornings just got a whole lot better!

Stephanie Dickison

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