Start Sending Out Those Thank You Cards With Bella Link, In Good Company & Linda & Harriett

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely and peaceful day yesterday.

Are you spending the day shopping and catching all those sales? Me, I'm catching up with friends from out of town, but in between visits, I'm going to be busy writing thank you cards to all those who gave me presents (they shouldn't have!).

For me, letting someone know how much I appreciated their gift is a big part of the gift giving and receiving process. It's a little thing, but I think it's a nice thing.

Here are 3 card companies that have beautiful stationery to choose from:

Bella Ink Designs

Pretty and often embellished with a little jewel or glitter, Bella Ink cards are that little something special that you send attach to a gift or drop in the post and let someone know you're thinking about them.

The Brooch Folded Notes are inspired by vintage brooches with a flower, butterfly, dragonfly or starburst design embellished with glitter and a rhinestone.

And in case you're a little late sending out your holiday gift cards, this year, Get the Fa la la Latte Gift Card Mailer. A fun latte themed card comes complete with a small shimmery envelope attached on the outside for you to place the card in. You can write a message on the inside of the larger card and consider your holiday shopping now complete! Phew!

And to capture your new year wishes, Photo Cards are the way to go! These richly designed cards allow to you frame and send your favourite 4x6 photos. What a way to stay connected!

In Good Company Paper Design

Looking for a contemporary card with a simple, but fun design? In Good Company offers brightly coloured cards that are so refreshing in that each card and invitation features coordinating graphics and colours on the back - no more white backing! Woo woo!

Cards are printed on 100 lb stock with 80 lb coordinating envelopes and come in 6 collections - Good Girl, Good Boy, Good Living, Good Tidings, Good Baby and Good Times.

With 216 choices, that means that you will find something for everyone on your list - like the Tote Bag for the only girlfriend that you can go clothes shopping with or Pizza for your boss who gets you and the office pizza on the nights you have to stay late.

In such a bleak winter, wouldn't it be nice to get a brightly coloured card?

Linda & Harriett

What a fun card line! Started as a custom hand-stamp invitations line, the company has developed a line letterpress note cards that keeps the hand-stamped feeling on thick, rich paper, complete with sturdy envelopes.

Patterns such as the Pink Tulips Foldover Note Cards and Blue Summer Dress are a fun way to thank your aunt for that sweater and your friend for that gift certificate to the spa.

But the animals are my very favourite! Gold Frank is a fun loving gator who can't thank you enough for that amazing glass from the museum shop, and Cows Waiting in Line is a perfect way to express your gratitude for the wonderful blanket that will keep you warm during these cold months, and I'm just going to keep one Orange Piggies because they are so cute.!There are 8 to a pack, so my foodie friends will get the rest.

I love the fun and whimsy of these cards and think that your recipients will too!

Stephanie Dickison

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