Look Effortlessly GlamourousThis Holiday Season With Lise Watier Cosmetics!

Well folks, the holiday party season has begun.

And I want to look my very best, but I don't want to sacrifice a lot of time either. Like you, I'm still working madly and trying to tie up things for year end, so I want to be able to come home, change and head out without too much fuss.

Here are some ways to get glamourous this holiday season, quickly and easily with Lise Watier:

Lise Watier is a high-quality cosmetics line that delivers. The whole line is top notch, which means you can count on mascaras that don't flake, eyeshadows that don't crease and lip gloss that has high shine, yet won't slide off.

This is what I call the "good stuff." For looking your best this holiday season, you simply can't go wrong with Lise Watier.

The Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet is a fabulously foolproof way to dress up your eyes. The colours have been pre-selected, which means you don't have to spend precious time trying to coordinate a look on your own. Just simply swipe on a darker shade on your eyelid and highlight with a lighter shade on your brow bone. And for a more dramatic look, layer all 4 colours! I got Les Neutres, which is a lovely natural palette of creamy browns and peachy whites. It is a great selection for either day or night. I love Les Peacock for a bolder, more colourful look and Les Charbons for a sexy, smoky eye.

And to complete the dramatic eye, Mascara WOW is a must! It is one of the few mascaras I have tried that gives me the volume and length I want, without the clumping. The flexible thermoplastic elastomer brush has very short, strong bristles that cover your lashes from root to tip, yet streamlines them from clumps and bumps.

Get the long runway model lashes you've always dreamed off without having to use glue or hire a makeup artist!

It comes in Noir (great for everyday) and Deep Blue (what fun!).

For your lips this season, you want something pretty and long-lasting. But what if I told you that you could have that and plumper lips too?

Plumpissimo Le Gloss is Lise Watier's gorgeous plumping, anti-aging lip gloss that fills in the creases in your lips - giving you the Scarlett Johansson/Rachel McAdams/Angelina Jolie pout that you've been craving!

Get it in Nude, like I did, so that it will go with everything from your little black dress to that gorgeous red silk number that you're wearing for the New Year's Eve bash! It is a sexy little number that will make your lips look their best yet!

It tingles upon application, but don't have to worry about it resulting in that awful Meg Ryan/Calista Flockheart droopy look! You'll simply have plumpy, sensual lips, just like you've always wanted.

And for a final touch, put a little Desirable on your pulse points before heading out!

It is zingy and fresh with sweet and sensual notes. Sweet apple, honeyed osmanthus and tart wild berries give a modern twist to your wardrobe this holiday season. Desirable is light and floral thanks to hints of freesia, lily of the valley and magnolia, so you get a fragrance that is everything you want - pretty, floral and fruity, in a gorgeous bottle.

I told you Lise Watier was amazing! Check out the whole line and get yourself all gussied up this season - easily and effortlessly!

Because we all have better things to do than sit in front of the mirror for hours. - there are gifts to buy, parties to attend, cookies to bake...

Stephanie Dickison

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