It's Almost 2009 - Why Not Start Taking Better Care of Yourself Right Now with Ajne, Ayala's Herbal Water & MoroccanOil!

I've noticed that it's not just the tasks that you don't enjoy doing that get left undone - it's also those in which involve you taking better care of yourself.

We leave ourselves last - taking care of friends and family before even thinking of ourselves. And while this is an admirable trait, you should not come last on the list.

And I am guilty of this to the worst degree. So I am vowing that as of now, I'm going to pamper those that I love and care about AS WELL as myself.

Here are a few ways I've done it recently:

Ajne Rare & Precious Fragrances

I am no longer going to wear cheap perfume and anything that doesn't enrapture me from head to toe. I realized recently that a lot of perfumes worn in my teens and twenties were ones that I had been given - not ones that I picked out because I loved them so. It is only in these last couple of years that I've been choosing ones of my own liking.

And that includes Ajne's. All of their scents contain proprietary combinations of "100% non-synthetic, pure and ultra-rare and precious, plant-distilled essential oils and absolutes. Each perfume is meticulously developed with over 2 years of research to create a perfectly balanced, ultra-complex and sophisticated fragrant mélange."

In other words, they are divine and rapturous and smell like no other perfumes on the market.

Om is one of those woodsy, smoky incense that smells like comfort and joy, sandalwood and my Mom - completely and utterly sumptuous. de Lavande is one of the prettiest, most delicate lavender scents I've ever encountered. It is simply beautiful. Bloom de Nuit is a lot of loveliness all at once - neroli, amber and rock rose make for a light, yet heady combination. People will be stopping you in the streets over this one.

And if you can't decide amongst these and others (who could blame you?), then get the Women's Fragrant Sample Flight and see what works best for you.

For the ultimate indulgence, I'm starting each day with Luxueux Body Lotion. This luxe cream can have any fragrance added that you like. Which means your now silky, soft skin will smell great too.

Only the best from now on. Wanna join me?

Ayala's Herbal Water

Water that tastes good - this is helpful as I am trying to drink more water and keep myself hydrated and energized. With Ayala's Herbal Water, I can drink to my heart's content because it's just pure water that has been infused with natural culinary herbs. And because it is all-natural with 0 calories, additives and preservatives, I don't have to feel guilty for drinking 2 or 3 bottles a day.

There are many flavours to choose from, so you don't have to get bored like with regular water! I like Ginger Lemon Peel for an energizing and refreshing mid-afternoon lift and to really change things up, Lavender Mint Lemongrass Thyme keeps me on my toes.

Healthy, yet different from the everyday - this is what's going to keep me drinking water all day, every day!


Making my hair look good makes me feel good. I which I was above my wonky hair, but I'm not. On those few days a year that it actually conforms to a sleek style with a high shine, I feel amazing!

And now I can have that feeling every day thanks to MoroccanOil! It's rich ingredient of argan oil gives me silky, shiny hair without all the work - or money - of going to a salon for treatments!

There are a number of products to choose from:

- MoroccanOil, which softens your hair, nourishes your scalp and somehow miraculously reduces drying time! No residue, yet intensive conditioning - can you believe it?

- Masque, which fixes those dry, damaged locks, which lord knows you've got bad now that winter is full-on!

- Hydrating Cream that you can put in damp or dry hair that conditions and hydrates your hair. It is so effective that I am using this every day - and it smells absolutely amazing!

- For those days that I want to leave my hair naturally curly, I look to the Intense Curl Cream that takes my hair from hornet's nest to a coiffed wonder!

I love that these products take so little effort, yet yield such incredible results!

This is one of the best lines I've ever come across. And if it works with this mess of hair, you know it's going to work on yours!

Stephanie Dickison

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